Rock ’n’ Roll to Change the Underworld

I’m delighted and honored to have Terry Lawless reading along with U2: Rock ’n’ Roll to Change the World. Terry has been U2’s on-the-road keyboard player since the Elevation tour, but it’s not very likely that you’ve seen him — he’s the king of an unseen realm called the Underworld, conjuring his magical musical arts from underneath the stage. Bono often refers to him alternately as “TerryWorld.” Ha! Maybe I’ll have to write a sequel and call it Rock ’n’ Roll to Change the Underworld!

When not on tour with U2, Terry has several other musical projects he’s involved with back in California. His band, The Paisley Brothers, entertains crowds throughout the Central Coast with a unique mixture of classic rock, funk, R&B and more.


He also has a solo act, often playing at local wineries and festivals as a virtual one-man band. In all cases, Terry engages audiences, making everyone in the house feel like a friend (he loves to walk through the crowd on breaks and hand out candy!), and demonstrates his versatility through lead vocals and instruments including keyboards, sax, flute and even accordion. If you’re ever in the area and Terry is playing, don’t miss the chance to catch one of his shows.

Check out The Paisley Brothers on Facebook and on their website.

Here’s some video I shot last year of the guys rockin away.

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  1. I have seen The Paisley Brother’s! They are Awesome! I’ve been a Band wife for 38Yrs. My Husband plays Saxophone for a Blues Band and Slide Guitar for a Country Rock Band, so my Expectations are high. The Paisley Bro’s Hot!!!

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